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Who do I contact for help?

  • If you have a technical problem that needs attention, send your request to
  • If you have a “service request” such as hardware and software purchasing, setting up Guidebook, SAR actions, access to university brand fonts, customized tech training, see our list of typical service requests for details.
  • If you want our team to consult with you regarding major projects, special events, and anything related to the strategic integration of technology into your operation, please contact your strategic partner to start the discussion.
  • When you doubt how best to get the help or answers you need, just send us the details at We’ll figure it out!

Can I just email the person who usually provides tech assistance?

We understand the instinct to just send a direct email to the person on our team who regularly assists you! However, we need you to always use instead. Here’s why:

  • There will likely be a delay in getting back to you; the person you emailed directly might be out of the office that day or tied up with critical tasks and not see your message immediately.
  • Every day, all day, our team is managing help requests from all over the division; having those requests go directly into our ticketing system via the help address ensures we are fully aware of all needs at any given time and can manage our team resources accordingly, especially when staff are out on leave or otherwise tied up.
  • From a strategic standpoint, having your requests in our ticketing system provides data we use to spot trends and understand the cyclical and long-term tech needs for individual users, DASA departments, and our own DASA Tech planning and use of resources.

Is there a phone number I can call?

Yes! DASA Tech is now offering an additional method for communicating help requests. You can call this number and leave a voicemail.


Please note that this is only a voicemail line; we aren’t staffing that number, and it doesn’t escalate your issue.

It’s fine to contact your strategic partner for non-urgent consultations, but we ask that you otherwise use the voicemail number above or for any troubleshooting. We know some DASA employees have called their local tech support personnel directly in the past; we ask that everyone discontinue this practice so that all requests will go into our monitored ticketing system and we can ensure that we are responding to your request.

Gmail is down or not accessible to me — how do I get help?

There are a few options.

  • Contact us via 919.513.8324 and leave a voicemail.
  • Ask a colleague to send a request to on your behalf.
  • Contact your strategic partner via phone.
  • If these options do not work for some reason, contact the NC State Help Desk (919.515.4357).

What if I need help at night or on the weekend?

DASA Technology does not provide evening or weekend support in the normal course of business. If such a support requirement is needed for a special event, we’d like to know in advance if you have regular business operations, or special events, at night or on the weekends (many do, such as Ticket Central, Student Health Services, University Recreation, and others). Our goal is for your strategic partner to know these situations and coordinate with our team to ensure we have assigned appropriate support.

However, we recognize that there may be extreme and rare situations outside of regular operations or planned events when you need help. In those cases, please send a request to If your need is truly urgent, contact your strategic partner via phone.

Does DASA Tech have a Help Desk? Is it the same or different from the OIT Help Desk?

Well, more or less the same. DASA Tech has what we call a Service Desk, and that term comes from a set of best practices for IT support. OIT calls its operation a “Help Desk” – the two are very similar. While our Service Desk staff and the rest of DASA Tech work closely with OIT and their Help Desk, we are two separate organizations.

Is it OK to contact the NC State Help Desk (OIT)?

Sure thing! Please feel free to contact the NC State Help Desk (919.515.4357) in these instances; however, you are not required to contact the Help Desk. You can always send your requests straight to DASA Tech.

Please note that if you contact the NC State Help Desk for assistance with anything not on the list above, they will likely re-route your request to DASA Tech. More specifically, if you need help with any departmental systems (such as Medicat, Blumen, RecTrac, and many others), your quickest path to getting assistance is to send your request directly to

Does DASA Tech support me and my unit?

  • If you are a DASA employee, and your unit is part of DASA, then yes, DASA Tech supports you!
  • DASA Tech supports you if you are a university employee or guest on campus using DASA facilities or other DASA resources.
  • If you are a student Success GPS system user (regardless of your college or division), then DASA Tech supports GPS issues.
  • If you are a user of the Guidebook system (regardless of your college or division), then DASA Tech supports your Guidebook requests.

Do you support personal devices?

Generally speaking, we do not provide support for your equipment. However, we can assist as it relates to your devices as follows:

  • Getting your device registered on Nomad, so you don’t have to authenticate every time you get on the campus network.
  • Troubleshooting your connection to Gmail if it is for a device for which you receive a stipend for university use.
  • Getting 2 Factor Authentication set up in the case where your personal device is being used.

What if I have another question?