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DASA Diversity Statement

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I would like to take a moment to honor the land beneath us. The land that North Carolina State University sits on is land that was originally stewarded by two Indigenous tribes: the Tuscarora and the Catawba tribes. We honor these tribes today by recognizing that this institution of higher education is built on land stolen from those who were here before the colonizers arrived. Additionally this land has borne witness to over 400 years of the enslavement, torture, and systematic mistreatment of African people and their descendants. We honor these people today by recognizing them in order to break the cycle of colonization and the continued erasure of Indigenous and Black peoples. We must acknowledge the history of the spaces and places we occupy to both understand and unlearn the many ways that we have been socialized.

Co-authored by NC State University Campus Community Centers 

Prior to reciting or sharing this statement, please reflect on why it is important to do so. Here are resources to help explain and ground the practice: