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DASA Employee Action Notification

One key to successful on-boarding and off-boarding is the timely provision (or removal) of access and resources required to fulfill job responsibilities.

DASA Business Administration has established a consolidated process for notifying key stakeholders of new hires, separations, and transfers via the DASA Employee Action Notification (DEAN) Form. This form requests all the necessary information up front, all in one form, and jump-starts the necessary processes related to onboarding and off-boarding. These are the key steps in the process.

  1. The supervisor (or designee) of the position will complete the DEAN Form.
  2. The form will generate automated notifications to DASA Finance, DASA Human Resources, and DASA Technology Services.
  3. As needed, representatives from each of those three units will then follow up with the supervisor.

All supervisors are encouraged to read through the FAQs below. Send your HR-related questions to and tech questions to

It is a form that provides all the details related to either a new employee joining DASA, or an existing employee leaving DASA. That includes transfers as well – those transferring between DASA departments, and those transferring into or from other units on campus or other UNC institutions.

The form collects logistical information such as start date, where the person will be located, equipment needs, access to systems, and so on.

Review the information that will be requested and gather the necessary information. Then complete the DEAN Form online.

The direct supervisor (or supervisor’s designee) of the position. Each unit should decide how they wish to handle the submission of this form for employee actions. For example, a larger unit might choose to designate one person who will complete the form for all employee actions for that department. If someone other than the direct supervisor completes the form, it is assumed that the submitter has delegated authority to request the purchase new equipment, request access to enterprise and departmental systems, etc.

Yes. DASA Business Administration has developed this streamlined process to gather all the necessary information in the most efficient manner possible. This process should be used for all new, separating, and transferring employees from this point forward.

All employees/positions EXCEPT undergraduate student workers. This includes permanent and temporary staff, and graduate assistants and interns.

If you have undergraduate student workers that need access to resources such as the departmental file share, Google Team Drive, SIS and so on, please send a ticket to DASA Tech at or work with your strategic lead to create an on-boarding checklist that can be referenced in the form. please ….

If you have an existing protocol in place for bulk notifications (such as the latest crop of graduate assistants), work with your DASA Tech Strategic LeadDASA HR partner, and DASA Finance contact, to work through the details. In most, if not all, cases, the bulk notification processes will probably still be the best solution.

When employees join or leave DASA, there are any number of actions that need to be taken by DASA Tech, DASA Finance, and DASA HR. Over the years, the information needed by these units has come from multiple sources, and without much consistency.

Since the supervisor (or departmental designee) knows the most about the details of the employment, it jump starts the process with all of the necessary information at the front end, rather than a chain reaction of notifications and then back/forth with various questions.

As soon as you are aware that you will have an employee joining or leaving your team. It’s not necessary to know, or wait for, a specific effective date; it’s better to get the ball rolling as soon as possible and the specific date can be communicated later.

We can’t emphasize this enough – do not wait to ascertain a specific start or separation date. Instead, give us as much lead time as possible by completing the form as early as possible.

Yes! Details below.

  1. Resignations: You should still contact your HR contact in DASA HR in the usual manner as soon as you become aware of a resignation and submit a copy of the resignation letter.
  2. Sensitive Separations: Do NOT complete the DEAN Form if you have a sensitive separation. Instead, contact your DASA HR partner as soon as possible.
  3. New Hires: Although you will work with DASA HR to finalize new hires, once an offer has been officially accepted, you will use the DEAN Form to make sure that the new employee has the correct access and resources set up prior to their start date.