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OIT Data Center Migration Advance Notice

OIT Data Center Moves

SEPT. 19, 2022 – Please read this important announcement from the Office of Information Technology (OIT) regarding ongoing data center migration work that will occur over the next few months.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is migrating its server facilities from Data Center 2 (DC2) to facilities at MCNC. This process will necessitate certain service interruptions of the Windows Active Directory and SCCM infrastructures that are managed by the OIT Windows Middleware Services (WMS) team.

Over the next couple of months, WMS will coordinate the graceful shutdown of more than 100 servers in DC2 and will migrate them to MCNC. Due to the redundancy of many services, some server migrations may occur during the workday. For those services that are not redundant, there will be unavoidable interruptions when the hosted servers are migrated. WMS plans to migrate those servers after business hours to minimize impact. WMS will announce the scheduling of high-impact interruptions.

Additionally, the NC State Facilities Division is conducting power maintenance that impacts DC2 from Friday, Sept. 30 to Monday, Oct. 3. WMS will mitigate any power interruption issues by shutting down its servers in DC2 during that time. Many of the more critical servers will be migrated to MCNC prior to the power maintenance.

We appreciate your patience while we migrate servers to the new facilities.

DASA Technology has not been given a timeline for these moves and is not aware of the sequence in which they will occur. We will work with business units that may be impacted if we become aware of any potential issues from OIT. We do not anticipate any issues based on the messaging provided by OIT, but wanted to ensure DASA was aware of this work.