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Tech Support Tips & Tricks 2022 Edition

Tech Support Tips & Tricks!

AUGUST 29, 2022 – DASA Technology Services is happy to welcome everyone back for the 2022-23 school year. We have enjoyed reconnecting with faculty and staff who were off-campus over the summer and meeting all the new faces around DASA! Since we have so many new folks and because we continue to refine the way we do business to serve our colleagues better, we wanted to take a moment to talk about the various resources you can use to make the most of the technical support we offer.

We’ll break this down into two categories. The first is self-service options new to DASA Technology Services, and the second is remote and in-person support opportunities.

Self-Service Resources

We launched four new self-service tools this summer and will announce another in the coming weeks! 

The first is our new employee orientation website located at This is an excellent resource for all new employees covering topics ranging from managing your accounts and equipment to purchasing and even video conferencing! Each page has a high-level overview of the topic you need to get started and links to resources for a deeper dive!

The second resource is our redesigned Intranet homepage located at We regularly post announcements about technology resources and maintenance windows that impact you. If you miss an announcement in the DASA Internal Connections newsletter, this is a great way to find out what’s going on in Technology Services quickly.

Next up, we have our YouTube channel with a growing number of how-to videos on topics ranging from Zoom to FoxIt and Google Workspace! You can find our channel at Please “smash that subscribe button” so we can get a nicer-looking URL and so you can get notified when we publish new videos! 

Finally, we have a searchable Frequently Asked Questions site called “DASA How-To.” You can find this site at Quickly browse by categories of questions or even request a new article. All content on this site was built using analytics from the ServiceNow tickets we’ve received over the years.

The fifth tool, which we hope to announce in the coming weeks, will pull together these self-service resources and more! We’re excited to tell you more, but these four sites should help you get started.

Remote and In-Person Support

If you’re still running into issues after looking through our self-service resources, the best way to get support is to email Every email is turned into a ServiceNow support request handled by our incredible service desk team. They will route your request to the right person and begin working on issues promptly. Emailing support is the most efficient way to get support when you need it because it ensures your request is routed to the person with the best availability and expertise to address the issue, whether in DASA or maybe even the Office of Information Technology.

Support can be provided remotely, or in person, depending on the issue and the requested services. As a reminder, no technical support personnel at NC State will ever ask you for your password! You will always be able to validate that an official DASA Technology staff member is supporting you by asking to see their badge or if they’re wearing a DASA Technology Services branded shirt or jacket.

While it can be tempting to call the last technician who supported you, please refrain from doing so because we can’t guarantee they’ll be able to answer their phone or assist you at that time. We serve all 800 full and part-time faculty and staff with a small team and want to ensure everyone gets the best possible service.

All ServiceNow tickets are managed via email. Communication will take place initially via email, and you can reply to the emails you receive to update your case notes with us. When you send those emails, the team member(s) with whom you’re working are also notified of your response and can begin evaluating the next steps. When your service has been completed, you’ll receive a final notification that your incident has been resolved. While we appreciate a thank you message,  email responses re-open the request and you’ll receive another resolution email. We love hearing your feedback through the automated surveys sent periodically after your support request is completed. These surveys help us evaluate employee performance and adjust our procedures to serve you better. Last year, you rated our support at 98% satisfaction, and we always look for ways to improve.

Thank you for your continued support of our work, and we hope these reminders and resources will provide you with even better service heading into the 2022-23 school year!