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DASA Technology

AdminMe Course Launches for 2021-22

Keep your Admin Access!!

DASA Technology Services offers annually renewable access to a tool that provides you with on-demand administrative access to your NC State managed computer(s). This tool is called AdminMe and requires annual recertification for use that is coupled with the annual NC State OIT Data Security Training module.

Certifications run from the date you successfully complete the AdminMe Training Course until 30 days following the launch of the next OIT Data Security Training module.

This year, the OIT Data Security Training module was launched on October 25th. As a result, all current AdminMe access will be revoked on Friday, December 3rd, 2021. We are providing additional time because the 30th day would fall on Thanksgiving day.

You have been automatically enrolled in the OIT Data Security Training module. To enroll in the AdminMe Training course, visit, click the “Catalog” link on the left navigation panel, and search AdminMe in the search bar at the top of the screen. You will need to provide proof of completion for the annual OIT Data Classification course in order to complete the AdminMe Training course.

We look forward to providing you with another year of access to this DASA-exclusive tool that meets NC State’s Endpoint Protection Standard while providing additional flexibility for those faculty and staff who desire it.