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HR Expert Tips: WolfTime

DASA HR tends to see confusion and errors when the WolfTime Leave system is used to request leave instead of just using to submit actual leave used.  For example, you request Friday off with 8 hours of annual leave but then end up not taking the day off as planned OR working extra hours during the week and only needing to take 6 hours, so now the leave submitted will need to be corrected.

Although WolfTime can be used as a leave request system, we instead recommend working with your supervisor on the best way to request leave outside of WolfTime, whether it’s an email, calendar request, text, or in person.   Supervisors should have a well-defined procedure for requesting time off.  Submit leave used in WolfTime after the time off and when the work week is complete, entering the actual hours needed to reach your required hours for the week (40 hours for most full-time employees).  This way there will not be a need to correct or cancel leave actions.

If you do need to submit a request before leave is taken, then enter the request and save, then adjust the hours later if needed and then submit for approval.

For more WolfTime information and training visit Wolftime Resources.  Leave Administration offers a number of information videos.

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